Secret Closed-Door Meeting

Click here to see the secret closed door meeting minutes for yourself!

In the secret closed-door meeting minutes notice that the only city business dicused is in item 6. Item 6 says the City Council will discuss in secret and away from the public which is called "closed session". Item 6 D says our City Council is discussing the price for 15 properties. Now, according to Zillow each property is valued at over $1,000,000 (one million dollars) each! Then when the closed-door meeting is finished the City Attorney reports nothing about what went on during the closed-door meeting. Nothing as if nothing happened. They refuse to tell us what was discussed in this secret meeting. Notice that the only people our City Council is keeping secrets from is us Stanton Residents. Everyone else is in the secret meeting but us Stanton Residents and it's our money being spent!

Now click here to see the secret closed door meeting minutes for yourself!

If our City Council is negociating $15,000,000 of real estate while pretending to be out of money and hiding things from us residents what else are they hiding?

We uncovered our City Council taking $5,000,000 out of the general fund instead of using it for our 9-1-1 Safety Services.

We uncovered our council paying $350,000 to our city manager for just 8 months of work.

We uncovered that many of our own City Council Members have been funding campaigns to increase our taxes over many years.

We uncovered that many city employees are earning over $200,000 per year!

And now they pretend that we are out of money again. What else are they not telling us about?

Vote No on Measure A and B. Keep our neighborhoods safe, keep our home values up, and no more taxes.