Stanton ca is a huge tax on pot that will promote illegal sales and illegal activity in our residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, condo associations, mobile home parks, etc. Do you want Stanton ca and this type of activity moving in next door to you and your family? Let's city of stanton!

School district Bond is a tax on residential homes, mobile homes, apartments, and any building a person can stay in. It’s not just for hotels.

School district Bond could put a “black mark" on your home hurting the resale value. How would you like to explain to a potential buyer that there is a special Stanton city tax if they want to rent it out! Let's have a city of stanton!

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We need a much mark daniels anaheim with better parks for Stanton. We need more grocery stores for a mark daniels anaheim and more safety services in our city. Stanton is unique in that it is right between Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland.

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