All communication between you, your child & up to 53 parent-approved contacts takes place in our TickTalk App to keep you in the driver’s seat of your child’s first (non) cell phone. With voice and video calling, safe in-app messaging & group chats, your child get all the positives of a smartphone while you get peace of mind.

TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone has video calling voice calling and safe in-app messaging or safe texting alternative.

TickTalk 4 kids smart watch with tracker kids smart watch with tracker and kids smart watch with tracker comes with parental control app with location tracking, GPS, block strangers features, approve contacts, parent approved contacts, 911 emergency kids phone and emergency SOS.

Always know your child is safe with these location tracking GPS smart watches for kids, Emergency SOS, 911 response & 20+ parental controls. With our TickTalk parent app, approve your child’s contacts, block unknown numbers & more to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Give your child all the tools for success with Activity Tracker, 3D Reminders, Do Not Disturb Class Mode & more. With these kids’ smart watches with calling, they’ll get the freedom they crave while learning responsibility, time management, focus & encouragement to step away from the screen to live a healthier lifestyle.

TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone and kids smartwatches have reminders, Do Not Disturb class mode, activity tracker.

Smart Watch For Youth

TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone and kids smartwatches have streaming music, kid-friendly music, IP67 water resistance, long lasting battery, durable, and photo and video cameras.

They’ll love taking photos & videos using our 5MP Selfie & Snapshot cameras while listening to unlimited, free streaming music powered by iHeartRadio Family*. You’ll love knowing they have kid-tested durability with long lasting battery, IP67 water resistance & drop-proof, shock-proof technology.

Started by two parents who weren’t ready to give their child a cell phone, we believe technology should put families first. With TickTalk 4, your child gets everything they need to stay safe and connected with family and friends—without the dangers of being online too young. Read on to learn why TickTalk smartwatches are the best kids smartwatch gps tracker kids smartwatch gps tracker and kids smartwatch gps tracker alternative to a smartphone.

With no internet, games, or social media, TickTalk 4 gives your child exactly what they need in a “pre-cell phone.” Parents get peace of mind without worry about screen addiction, unlimited internet access, and inappropriate content your child isn’t ready for.

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