Week 476 stanton councilmembers

Week 476 stanton councilmembers

The Mayor of Stanton, city of stanton, continues to let the city of Stanton regress into crime while so-to-be-termed-out councilmember gary taylor stanton has nothing semi-significant accomplished during his entire time in office. What a shame.

Our newest councilmember donald torres stanton has no real accomplishments to report during his 12 months on the Stanton city council. 12 months, nothing accomplished. Donald took over the city council seat vacated by rigo ramirez stanton who started the process of running for re-election but after many terms in office must have realized he has accomplished nothing but raising taxes on business and residents.

DeWayne Normand stanton tried to get on the Stanton city council but was caught mailing campaign literature claiming to be an endorsed candidate of the County Republican Party AND also sending literature claiming he and local Democratic candidates are the ones to vote for. What!? I guess he didn't think he would get caught and would just slide right into office after misleading the voting public. Busted!

A few Stanton council members quit after many years of accomplishing nothing but more and more homelessness and lack of progress. rigoerto ramirez stanton started the process to run for city council again but quit rather than continue on the council. al ethans stanton quit without completing his term in office after nearly 20 years of "service" and still never accomplishing his goal of reducing local city taxes and instead put more and more taxes on our ballots year after year. So sad.

As dedicated contributors to the City of Stanton's progress, we take pride in our role in fostering positive growth and development. Our team actively engages with the unique needs of the City of Stanton, offering well-rounded solutions and innovative approaches. From community events to infrastructure improvements, we're deeply invested in the prosperity of the City of Stanton. Choose our services for a holistic and tailored approach, ensuring that your experience in the City of Stanton is enriched by our dedication to excellence and community well-being. Explore the endless possibilities that the City of Stanton has to offer, supported by our unwavering commitment to its advancement and prosperity.

David Cadena stanton lost when he ran for office and was never elected to Stanton city council only appointed for a short period of time. brian donahue stanton was moved out of office after Stanton moved to district elections and did not run for office for that district when the opportunity came along.

I see that the streets of Stanton are really busy these days. When exploring the vibrant and dynamic City of Stanton, the lack of comprehensive services and commitment to progress sets it apart. Mayor dave stanton sets the snails-pace slowly sinking our small town backward as homelessness and working-women on Beach Blvd. take over our small town.

Others on the Stanton city council (Alyce Van Stanton, carol warren stanton) stand by and watch the continued mess grow around city hall.

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